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2019 FHRA Board Members announced

    November 30, 2018

    We are very excited to announce the 2019 Board for Frontier Human Resouces Association!  The following individuals, with support from their respecitve employer, will be serving our chapter as volunteer leaders.  

    President:   Penny Fletcher

    President-Elect:   Mary Augustin Ness

    Secretary:  Dorothy Moen

    Treasurer:  Deanna Lies

    Membership Director:  Jacob Sones

    Membership Co-Chair:  Brenda Reedy

    Gov’t Affairs:  Bruce Asay

    Media Relations:  Samantha Ingram

    Certification:  Suzy Vanderweide

    Foundation:  Jess Ryan

    Diversity:  Lilia Olejnik

    Workforce Readiness:   Denise Rodriguez

    Laramie Liaison:  Christina Snowberger

    Most of the positions are 2-year term committments which allows for the volunteer leaders to build strategic programing and initiatives for the chapter with consistnecy in leadership.

    Newly elected members are; Deanna Lies, Brenda Reedy, Suzie Vanderweide and Jess Ryan.  Congratulations to the newly elected members!