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    Why Join?

    Membership is designed to benefit more than just the Human Resources professional. We have many office managers, accounting professionals and legal professionals that are members as well as HR professionals who are members.

    Key Benefits

    It’s tough in these days of complex workplace issues and rapid social change to maintain top performance as a professional in HR. You need all the expert help you can get.

    Affiliation with The Frontier Human Resource Association gives you access to services and programs that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your Association. As a Frontier Human Resource Association member, you are part of a professional Association dedicated exclusively to the advancement of HR management. As a HR professional, shouldn’t you be a member of a leading local professional Association in the field? Come network with us at one of our next meetings!

    • Regular legal updates and workshops on HR related topics
    • Career Opportunities (posting)
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Annual Vendor Showcase
    • Regular Informational Speakers


    An important benefit of Frontier Human Resource Association membership is the opportunity to meet your peers to exchange ideas and discuss problems. No matter your experience, frequent peer contracts are invaluable in continuing your professional education. Come network with Laramie County HR professionals!


    The Frontier Human Resource Association keeps you informed on current workplace issues and emerging developments in human resource management through a variety of speakers and resource presentations at the monthly meetings. Information and updates provided by the State Council and national chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management are shared at meetings. The Frontier Human Resources Association monthly meeting notice/newsletter also provides you with information on current issues, as well as past meeting information you may have missed. The Frontier Human Resources Association also has a library of videos, books, and other resources for members to check out.

    Professional Development

    At the local level, the Frontier Human Resources Association membership offers you a wide range of professional development opportunities to improve your expertise. Leading attorneys in the area of Labor Law provide a synopsis of changes in the legal climate during the past year, as well a preview of pending legislation.


    The Board of the Frontier Human Resource Association recognizes the rich variety of individuals which comprise the membership, representing our Associations.

    Employees and families often look different than they did as recently as twenty five years ago! We celebrate the breadth and richness of this modern day workforce, and welcome YOU to our great human resource Association.

    Frontier Human Resource Association is committed to DIVERSITY:

    • We welcome a diverse membership of H.R. professionals.
    • We create and support a culture of awareness and inclusion.
    • We provide a variety of opportunities for the professional development of all members.


    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. Representing more than 210,000 individual members, the Society's mission is to serve the needs of HR professionals by providing the most essential and comprehensive resources available. As an influential voice, the Society's mission is also to advance the human resource profession to ensure that HR is recognized as an essential partner in developing and executing organizational strategy. Founded in 1948, SHRM currently has more than 550 affiliated chapters within the United States and members in more than 100 countries. Frontier Human Resources Association is SHRM Chapter #0295.

    Membership Categories

    Professional Membership

    A professional member is any individual certified by HRCI (PHR, SPHR, GPHR); or any individual providing HR services to their own organization; or any individual actively seeking employment in HR; or attorneys practicing in HR/employment law; or consultants in the HR management field. Professional members have voting rights and can hold office in the chapter.

    Associate Member

    An associate member is any individual whose job role involves selling of services rather than day-to-day HR management; or any individual who does not fit in the professional membership category and has an interest in Human Resources Management. Associate members have voting rights and can hold office in the chapter.

    Student Member

    Student membership is limited to full-time students in human resource related majors or minors. Student members do not have voting rights and cannot hold office in the chapter. There is no membership fee to join.


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