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May 2015 - SHRM Update

    May 14, 2015

    May 2015 - SHRM Update:

    Foundation Scholarships Available for Academic or Certification Pursuits:
    Applications are now being accepted for SHRM Foundation Scholarships for HR Professionals. The Application deadline to apply is July 15, 2015. Scholarships are awarded annually to SHRM members pursuing degrees in HR-related fields or professional certification.

    In addition, SHRM professional chapters and state councils are eligible to compete for the certification scholarship to fund programs that promote HR certification.   For more info go to and select Scholarships & Awards tab.

    Volunteer Leader Briefing at the SHRM Annual Conference:
    Are you or your chapter board members planning to join us in Las Vegas for this year’s SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition?  If so, please SAVE THE DATE for the Volunteer Leader Briefing, taking place on Sunday, June 28th, from 11:00am – 12:30pm at the Venetian Hotel.  All SHRM volunteers are invited to attend.  Stay tuned for details, which will be available soon!!

    State Directors & State Council Director-Elects: Sunday, June 28th at the Venetian Hotel: SHRM Divisional Meetings (state council directors & directors elect only) from 9:00 – 11:00 am

    Pinnacle Awards: 
    It’s not too soon to be reviewing your initiatives/accomplishments for the year.  I would bet there is a potential Pinnacle Award initiative in the mix.  The due date for the Pinnacle Award application is September 9, 2015. Be the Chapter/State Council that is a winner this year. Grand prize winners receive $1,000:
    New When Work Works Resource:
    Here is the link to our just released Workflex in Manufacturing Guide: Workflex Manufacturing Guide.
    In conjunction with the Guide, SHRM will be offering a Workflex in Manufacturing Pre-Conference session at our Annual Conference in Las Vegas.  For more information, go to: SHRM Annual Pre-Conference Workflex in Manufacturing.

    This is great information, as manufacturing has historically been the industry segment that has felt that workplace flexibility has not had a place on their production lines. I think you will have HR folks in your chapters who will be very interested in this topic!  

    New Coming in 2015: A Telework Guide is in the works.  It will be a great resource on the most common issues that management has about teleworking and how to address them.

    Are you receiving your Volunteer Leader Communication?
    If not go to SHRM’s Subscription Management: Select “Volunteers” to receive emails relevant to your volunteer position.
    Did you know that Student Chapters can apply to be preferred providers for free?  They need to be a student chapter in good standing. Then they would need to fill out an application and go through the review process. 
    The first page is seeking general information about your organization (name, address, contact info, types of programs you offer, etc).  The second page requires one representative example of the type of educational programming (related to the SHRM BoCK) that would be delivered, along with information requests such as instructor bio, agenda, and selecting which functional area(s) or competencies that the course content represents.

    Student Summits/Conferences:  All 3 SHRM Divisional Student Summits as well as the NHRMA Student Conference are completed. For the SHRM Case Competition winners go to NHRMA Student Conference was held April 17-18 in Portland, OR.  Six teams from 4 schools (AK-University of Fairbanks, OR – 2 teams from PSU, WA - 2 teams from Central Washington and 1 team from Lake Washington Technical Institute. The winning team was Lake Washington Technical Institute. 

    Reminder Graduating SHRM student members: Do you know that graduating students may upgrade to SHRM professional membership at a special discounted rate of $80/year for two consecutive years. For more information go to: (  That is a savings of $110/year for two years for the new graduating HR professional.

    Reminder about the updated SHRM Affiliation Requirements as of 1/1/2017:
    100%-Chapters: Minimum 25 SHRM members AND 100% SHRM membership.
    SHRM Certification Update:
    More than 38,000 SHRM members have taken the pathway since Jan. 5, 2015.  Thank you for all your help in continuing to educate the chapter members and getting the word out.
    It’s Tax Time!  Do you know what forms to file?
    Chapters qualifying as a not-for-profit organization must file an annual information return. The form to be filed depends on the annual gross receipts of the organization. IRS Form 990-N: Simple electronic form that must be filed with the IRS once a year. 
    • Chapters and state councils whose annual gross receipts are normally $25,000 or less are required to file an annual Form 990-N.
    • Form 990EZ:  This form is used if gross receipts are normally more than $25,000 but less than $100,000 and total assets at the end of the year are less than $250,000.
    • A Form 990 can be filed in lieu of this return.  Form 990:  Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax.  Used if gross receipts normally exceed $100,000.   

    Filings are due May 15 (unless you operate on a non-calendar fiscal year, in which they are due November 15).

    Failure to file the Form 990-N for three consecutive years will result in revocation of the chapter or state council’s tax exempt status. Info about filing, penalties, extensions and more can be found here. Be sure never to miss a deadline by reviewing the Chapter Activities Checklist.  It includes all deadlines and links to information about them. There are many details about tax filings in that document.