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Training Classes Available via The Align Team (April/May 2013)

    April 1, 2013

    Get Your Team Into Shape This Spring!  The Align Team is currently offering some inexpensive training classes to help supplement your training needs.  These 90-minute sessions provide an opportunity for you to interact with Align’s experts and learn how we can help you create a stronger, more efficient organization.  For a copy of the brochure, please (click here).

    • Classes begin at 8 am.
    • Each class* is $10 per person; no food is provided so please BYO breakfast.
    • Register by noon Thursday, prior to Friday class, by calling 772-9100 or 1-877-32ALIGN(25446).
    • Bring $10 cash or check to class at the Align Training Center, 1401 Airport Pkwy, Ste 300, 772-9100.

    APRIL 5
    Show Me the Money! Basics of Nonprofit Fundraising

    Let’s be honest: we know you’d prefer to do the good work of your organization rather than ask people for money for that work. But how could you do good work without funding? We will discuss the best practices for nonprofit fundraising and the role that everyone – staff, board and volunteers - plays in successfully developing funds for the organization.

    APRIL 12
    Be SMART When Planning

    We agree with Yogi Berra: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re likely to end up somewhere else.” Getting a big idea is pretty easy. Making it happen is another thing. The goal and the plan have to be detailed via a plan road map. Sounds daunting, but it can be pretty simple. Borrowing from a best practice in planning circles, we’ll show you how to set and follow through on goals that are SMART... and you’ll have to come to class to learn what the acronym stands for!

    APRIL 19
    What Did You Say to Me?!
    Principles of Effective Communication

    This 90-minute class will be almost nothing but fun as we consider effective verbal and nonverbal communications; effective settings for clear communication; and barriers to effective communication. We’ll talk about how men and women differ in communication styles; consider telephone, email and face-to-face communication; and think about what causes us to say what we say and hear what we hear.

    APRIL 26
    Those Who Can, Teach – Training on Training Basics

    Business people in all kinds of businesses need to teach others how to perform tasks and complete processes; however, it’s not one of the classes in a management course, so how do we know how to do it effectively? This session will give you some basics for making sure that when you teach them, they understand and retain the lessons.

    MAY 3
    Superb Supervision –
    Get Started or Get Refreshed on Being the Boss

    Overseeing, guiding and instructing on the work of others isn’t about a title. You may be a supervisor, a manager, an executive or even a peer of someone that counts on you for direction. Whether you’re thinking about trying on that role, new to a supervisory position or simply in need of some fresh ideas, this class will give you an overview of what to consider when others are relying on you.

    MAY 10
    “I Hate My Coworker!”
    Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

    We bet that for every “boss” in the world, the most unpleasant “boss job” is dealing with workplace conflicts. We can’t make it fun – but we can show you how to make sure others learn to resolve their own issues instead of making it your job to make everyone happy. We’ll instruct you on the Align principle, “Tell them you don’t want their ‘monkey’!”

    MAY 17
    Do I Need a Consultant?

    You know the old joke, “Doc, it hurts when I do this...” to which the doctor replies, “Then don’t do that!” People often think that describes what a consultant does for an organization. The Align Team begs to differ, of course. In this session, a group of Align Team members will talk about when a consultant might be helpful; and answer your questions about what Align could do to help in all kinds of situations. And yes, we know it sounds sort of like a commercial, so it’s FREE! FREE! FREE!